Divi Page Builder

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Introducing The Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder is a fully-featured website templating system that allows you to use the Divi Builder to structure your website and edit any part of the Divi Theme including headers, footers, post templates, category templates and more. Each Theme Builder template consists of a custom Header, Footer and Body layout. These three areas can be built and customized using the Divi Builder and its full set of modules along with Dynamic Content.


Nothing Is Off Limits

When you create a new Theme Builder template, that custom design can be assigned to specific parts of your website. For example, you could create a template assigned to blog posts and use it to create a new custom structure and design for your blog. Once the template is assigned, every blog post on your website will be updated. You could create a new Theme Builder template and assign it to your category pages to create a custom blog feed, or you could create a global website template that updates your entire website’s header and footer. There are tons of new possibilities.


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